The French Hen

Make Every Day Special!
Do you remember when you were a kid and your favorite aunt would come to visit? She was fun-loving, colorful, a little quirky and she made ordinary days feel special. That's our goal at The French Hen - to help you add a little fun, color, and quirkiness to your everyday world! Come by The French Hen and find that special piece that will help you make everyday a celebration!

Beautiful, Durable Bags
From collapsible market totes to cosmetic bags and i.d. holders, these bags are fashionable and durable. Custom-order a great gift with an initial!

Happy Everything!
Celebrate life with Coton Colors plates and attachments!

Coton Colors
Ceramic accents with interchangeable attachments - change your look with every season and occasion! Personalize with an initial for a thoughtful gift.

Viva Beads
These marbled clay beads come in many gorgeous colors and have a unique soft feel. Choose from bracelets, key rings and earrings!